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As busy mamas in a modern world, we tend to feel like we’re the “only ones” who struggle with human moments and a huge reason for this is because motherhood can be isolating! As an Ambassador for The Champagne Society, you will be the frontline of real mamas reminding mothers everywhere that they’re never alone and together we got this.

Be part of a community of kick-ass women making time for themselves and bringing a better self home to their families and their communities and give other mamas permission to do the same! Motherhood is better when shared and that value starts with our tribe of ambassadors!


  • Welcome gift with swag

  • 2 free tickets to each event

  • Access to vault of all livestreamed events

  • 1 group call with Gervase each month

  • Instant tribe of mama friends in Charleston

  • Opportunity to have your voice heard and your talents applied in building out the vision for The Champagne Society.

  • Opportunity to develop authentic relationships to further your career and/or network, if that’s your thing. Note: Stay-at-home moms urged to apply!

If you are a “hell yes” for our mission, then please submit an application below.

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To encourage every woman who is a mother, is pregnant for the first time or is even thinking about starting a family that she can have BOTH.

It can be “motherhood, AND” instead of “motherhood, OR” for her.

In our community, we stomp our high heels on the mommy boxes society likes to put us in and support each other through #realtalk about what it will take to make our “AND” happen.

As a supportive sisterhood of mothers from all walks of life—through a glamorous night out or a beautiful morning of self-care (and “sweat”!)—we remind each other that making time for you is THE KEY to juggling your mom life with everything else.

We unabashedly toast to the paradoxical, powerful, wears-many-hats and does all the things human while reminding each other that rest, rejuvenation, self-care and friendship are just as important to success as productivity.


To spread the message to 10,000 mothers who need the reminder that EVERY MAMA deserves a break and some bubbly. And when a mother has time and energy for herself, she brings a better self home to her family and community.


Now looking for bold, big-hearted REAL MOTHERS to spread our movement and share our message to get mothers out of their houses and out of their heads.

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