Like you, I'm a busy mom (with a bun in the oven, I might add!), so I TOTALLY get the struggle to fit in "me time" or self-care. After working with so many of you, I know it's super relevant to your lives every single day and I've learned a couple things about taking care of myself on this whole Transformational Motherhood Coach journey and I'm much better at it than I used to be. So I can't just keep all that goodness to myself.

I know consider self-care a MINDSET and something that concerns my Mind, Body and SOUL and not just my physical well-being or having time for myself, and it's dramatically changed my life. I'm happier. I'm more rested. I've got more energy. I have more compassion for myself and so my business, mental health and marriage have thrived because of it.

Here are 10 NEW ways to practice self-care, mama. I hope this finds you when you most need it.

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