Saying Goodbye to the Mommy Soul Tribe

Me: Girl, what are you so afraid of? Why are you hesitating?

Fear: Well, what if all the time and work and energy I’ve put into this for the past 3 years was for nothing?

Truth: Were the eggs and toast you had this morning for nothing? Or did it feed your body breakfast and you’ll still need lunch?

Fear: Well what if I am abandoning the best thing in my business?

Truth: The best thing in your business is you. Are you abandoning yourself?

Fear: Well what if I didn’t do it “right”? What if there were women in that group who need my help, who I didn’t “properly” give the next steps to connect with me?

Truth: If there are people who are meant to work with you, they will find their way to you as long as you are operating from a place of service and alignment. How they find their way to you is none of your business. You do you so they can find you. If it felt right, then you did it right!

Ugh, the way our brains work is infuriating…

Last night I wrote a goodbye post to the Mommy Soul Tribe Facebook group I’ve grown to 1,800 members over the past 3 years, mostly through referrals. It was bittersweet to string together words that could even come close to conveying what that safe virtual village has been for me AND for other mamas during that time. This decision had been on my heart for a while and I know, deep down, it closes a chapter in my business, but also in my personal evolution.

I’m no longer a new mom. I’m the mama to a kindergartner (with one missing tooth!) and a 2-year-old.
I’m no longer that new entrepreneur trying to get to know her audience. I’ve been stumbling my way through entrepreneurship for 4 years now.

You can really get to know a person in 4 years. And I know you. 
I know a mother’s heart and mind, her dreams and her fears. I know you and I am you. You and me, we are in a deeply vulnerable relationship, Mommy Soul Tribe or not.

And it’s OKAY. It’s okay that things are changing! We have a choice in how change happens “to us.”

Archiving the Mommy Soul Tribe is me saying YES to the next iteration of my business.
It is a commitment to the women who are all around me, online and off, who are raising their hands and saying “I am ready! Over here!” I am making more space for the women who are actively showing up and asking for next steps. And I truly know that someone equally capable and gifted can step in and take care of the mamas who don’t have a free hand to raise yet.

We all graduate, but sometimes we cling for dear life to that which once defined us.

Who am I without the Mommy Soul Tribe?

Same G I was with it, silly. 

The roles we play, the businesses we create, the job titles we hold - it’s all make-believe; costumes we wear. They can be put on and taken off, and if you decide they define you, well then, they will. And you will likely resist the opportunity for change (read: growth) at every bend. And also, when those things are taken away or change, it will hurt. A lot. Much wine will be had and many tears.

So saying goodbye to our Mommy Soul Tribe - that feels weird. and sad. and good. and light.
And despite all those conflicting feels...I know it's right.

Thank you for all the love today. Let's see what's next, eh?

Love & Truth-bombs,

PS: For a video I did on what to do with all that fear, click here to watch my first IGTV! #eek

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