You have this kick-ass marriage before the baby. Maybe you continue said kick-ass partnership during pregnancy, because guess what? You still have things like, I don't know SLEEP, sanity, social life and quality time together. Then baby arrives and it's all rainbows and unicorns and you are REALLY happy but something feels a bit, off? Your marriage is different post-baby. You aren't quite as connected. There's not as much time for just the TWO of you. This can look a MILLION different ways depending on the relationship, but my point is THIS IS NORMAL, and it's been a theme with all my clients and truth chats for the past couple weeks. Relationship issues are in the air, so let's talk about something we sometimes forget is possible once we become mothers:


In this week's video, I give you my tip for not even trying to balance my marriage with #momlife, but doing something even better — infusing PLAY into my relationship ALL DAY LONG with some simple tactics. Because, let's be serious, your husband frankly doesn't NEED the same amount of time, care and attention as your baby. He can feed himself, poop on the potty and make his own peanut butter and jelly sammich. So instead of trying to "balance" our marriages with our Mom Lives, why not change the game and just have a little FUN with it, instead?

Get on the list for Master Your #MomLife coming in July, people! It's. gonna. be. so. FUN.

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