The Champagne Society

A Real Mama's Recap of The Champagne Society at Maris DeHart

On a brisk Friday night 80 mamas (and some not-yet mamas!) got dolled up and braved the cobblestone streets in stilettos for a night out at Maris DeHart. The bubbly (the good stuff!) was free flowing and so was the girl talk. Just like me-- so many ladies were there to explore new friendships and connect. Coming from someone that immediately changes into pajamas after work and a rockin' Friday night is Netflix with a bowl of cereal, this did require some effort for me to be out on a Friday night. I'm seriously that meme "I'm so busy this weekend", and then "Me at 8pm on Friday night"-- the image of the dog in bed with a shower cap on. Legit!

I did, however, make a conscious decision earlier this year to get out more, invest in people, and find my tribe. This can be hard when it's so much easier to opt out. It requires effort and energy to powder your nose and pull up those Spanx to head out to meet new people. Can I get an Amen?!! BUT-- awesome ladies aren't going to arrive on my doorstep begging to be friends. I have to go out and FIND them. I had met Gervase a few times, and I really went to support her and see what this whole "society" was all about. Boy did I hit the jackpot!

In one word, the evening was "magic." Gervase has created a judgment-free environment with welcoming smiles, a pretty backdrop and plenty of bubbly.

We heard truths from Savannah Guss, the fabulously chic founder of @bohoandbows, and Leva Bonaparte, developer extraordinaire of @bourbonnbubbles.

All photos by  Shannon Oleksak

All photos by Shannon Oleksak

These ladies gave it to us straight! I loved hearing their stories about transitioning from Chief Pooper Scooper in the town of Momdom to following their dreams. We've all been there, and I love hearing reinforcement that we're not alone. Though my "littles" are now 9, 10 and 12—I still struggle with being the best CEO, best wife, best Mom—you name it! It's a daily challenge that I don't always get right. When the kids were younger, I used to default to the fact that they don't come with an instruction manual. Maybe they won't know if I screw it up as they have no one to compare me to! Right?!! 

It was refreshing to hear other Mamas talk about their struggles -- especially as we live in this superficial space of perfect highlight reels on Instagram. There was a real sense of camaraderie in the space, and there were some real nuggets in what these ladies shared:

1) Don't allow yourself to be a doormat

2) Half-ass is the new bad ass

3) You can't "kill it" at anything when you're sleep deprived

4) Even mamas are allowed to dream big


#2 resonated with me the most as what I do for a living is all about beautiful objects and perfect images. It can feel very superficial and drive a need for perfection. I legit like want to get a t-shirt that says “#halfass is the new #badass”! Because in reality the only pressure on me is the pressure I put on myself. It's like that movie Picture Perfect with Jennifer Aniston-- "Gulden's Mustard....Number 2, and that ain't bad"! I might be aging myself, but you 40-somethings know what I'm talking about!!

You know how some events you go to, and you think "this was a waste of a good outfit"? Well, not in this case!

This first time "society member" left feeling joyful, content, and excited about some new friendships. I even left with a bag loaded down with the most ADORABLE ornaments from Maris DeHart. It was totally worth all of the effort and energy it took to get there. Because in the end, all of us mamas are worth it, don't you think?!

So in channeling my inner Gervase, “that's what J said!


Written by the incredibly sweet (and bad-ass) Julianne Taylor



A super heartfelt thanks to our host, Maris DeHart, and all of our incredible sponsors: Teacups and Trucks, Shannon Olesak (who takes all our fabulous photos), Snyder Events, Ash and Vine Botanicals, and Bourbon N’ Bubbles, the hosts of our fantastic afterparty.


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Recap of The Champagne Society SWEAT at Soul Yoga

This past Sunday morning, a group of roughly 25 mamas (and some not-yet mamas!) started filling the cozy studio of Soul Yoga. As they checked in beside a very Instagrammable wall of sprawling green plants, they looked everything from a little nervous to bubbling with excitement to hungover from Halloween parties the night before. #mypeople

Sweat at Soul Yoga - Insta pic.jpg

They went straight to their mats for a warm Vinyasa flow class taught by Jennifer Hess Mitchell, co-owner of Soul. The class was all-levels and there were mamas doing handstands and others who hadn’t practiced since babes were born and an overall sense of “I came here for sanctuary, not judgment or perfection.” We giggled while we stretched for our neighbor’s foot and supported it. “This is a chatty, bubbly group,” commented Mitchell.

Why, yes, of course. We are The Champagne Society. All kinds of women at all kinds of stages who know the power of a BREAK from real life, mom life or careers.

After class, we broke for Melon Magic (watermelon, mint and lemon) and Green Dream (kale, cucumber, raspberry, mint, apple, ginger, kiwi), donated by Huriyali and freshly brewed coffee by Classic Coffee, paired with healthy bites. Because we believe in balance, we mixed our juice with champagne and mingled a bit. Soon the room was buzzing as women were encouraged to introduce themselves to each other and chatted for 15 minutes as we all moved our mats to form one tight circle in preparation for part 2.

Going around the circle, I asked each woman what she came for. “Connection, a break, and inspiration” were the most common answers. Then we began the Honest Conversation with panelists and business partners, Jennifer Mitchell and Amanda Cunningham, owners of Soul Yoga. We talked about the concept of “having it all,” and how sometimes abundance shows up in forms besides money—dream homes, business opportunities, happiness, friends. Both panelists shared how their idea of balance always involves moving off center. Losing yourself to find yourself. Saying yes to other people over oneself too many times in a row and then BAM - suddenly you’re overextended, half a bottle deep and aware you are way out of alignment and have another chance to come back to center. A life practice that mirrors a meditation practice, for example.

Sweat at Soul Yoga - circle.jpg

Jennifer casually dropped how she frequently takes “Awareness breaks,” and Amanda honestly shared what it looks like for her once she “reaches her limit.”

We stayed on that topic a while—hitting our limit. Falling apart. Judging the mess. Mamas in the circle shared their experiences of reaching the burning out point and, at the society’s request, the panel shared self-care tips for mind, body and soul.

Sweat at Soul Yoga - side group.jpg

It was a special morning carved out for us as women outside of our roles in society, and such a different vibe from our nighttime Champagne Society events (and equally rewarding!).

Thank you again to our sponsors, Huriyali and Classic Coffee, for being part of our very first SWEAT event. To stay in the loop for our next SWEAT event, make sure you’re on The Champagne Society Insiders Email List, and you’ll be notified when new dates are released and tickets go on sale.

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