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Show Up For Yourself Every Fucking Day

Repeat after me: "I show up for myself every single day."

I write these words in a note on my phone or in my journal every single morning and I feel something shift as they appear on screen/paper. "As you think, so shall you become."

You know what feels really shitty? When you make a promise to yourself and then break it because you're so busy making everyone else happy or self-sabotaging because you're scared that there's not enough time, money, resources, energy. You just can't, won't be able to, it's hard, etc.

These are called excuses. You use them to back up your actions.

I caught myself making an excuse as to why I couldn't do something JUST LAST WEEK. This work? It's not a one and done. It's not a fix-it-and-forget-it recipe. It's changing your daily habits so they become second nature, from the way you think to the way you "be."

This tough love pep talk is me inviting you to choose to show up for yourself every freaking day, especially when it's hard, even when it's scary, accepting that that will look different day to day. Show up for yourself instead of giving YOURSELF excuses (because you are the one you need to convince) that feel warm and safe until one day you realize you used that excuse one month too long and you can't even convince yourself at the most surface level that it's true anymore. Because it's not.

Do this until it's a habit. Until you wouldn't know how to NOT say yes to yourself and your dreams.

Because the people who show up for themselves mentally, emotionally and physically - they have the lives of the people you're comparing yourself to. And they did that by strengthening the habit of saying YES to THEMSELVES repeatedly until those thoughts inspired different actions which created different external realities.

This shit isn't just fluff. "As you think, so shall you become."

This is your life, your dreams, your relationships, your body we're talking about. Stop getting in your own way. Time to show up.

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