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3 Steps to Discern Between Fear and an Intuitive NO

#ThisIsRealLife Thursday series: I believe in the power of the ripple effect. That means when one woman is brave enough to say NO to fear and YES to the potential of the unknown, it gives permission to the women around her to do the same. Please share your takeaways from this exercise with Your Mommy Soul Tribe so we can all celebrate you, lift you up and draw from your fear ninja skills!

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The Importance of Scheduling Time for Yourself

Let’s get real here for a minute. Every single person on the planet needs some time to themselves. Simply put, we just can’t be around the same people all of the time. If we’re being honest, too much time around our husbands, family, and even best friends, and we start to seriously get sick of them. So why do we try to pretend that the same thing doesn’t happen around our kids? Because we’re afraid of being seen as a “bad mom” if we’re honest and say that we just plain can’t stand our kids right now? Because that’s just not fair.

All moms need time away from their husbands, away from their kids, away from everybody or else you’re going to burn out and slowly begin to hate everyone. (That may be a slight exaggeration, but I don’t want you to wait long enough to find out.) Start making time for yourself today using these tips.

1. Schedule a “Daddy and Me” night.

Or whatever fun name you want to call it--we all really know that it means “Mommy needs some wine and damn alone time night.” Get your husband and kids out of the house together or get yourself out of the house and get pampered with a trip to the salon, spa, or bar.

2. Take advantage of when the kids are sleeping.

Instead of cleaning or cooking when the kids are asleep, take some time for yourself and watch some Netflix, read a book, take a nap yourself, or take a bubble bath. Housework can wait. (Trust me, it’s not going anywhere.) But time for yourself absolutely CANNOT wait.

3. Take a class.

Commit to a weekly yoga class at the gym, a knitting class at the local craft store, or even a cocktail-mixing class. (No judgments here--I’ll probably invite you over so you can teach me a few things.)

4. Get a group of moms together.

Do you know of other moms who need some time away from their families? I have just the thing. Get all of your mommy friends together, find a date that works for everyone, and join me for Mom’s Night Off. We’ll drink wine, talk about the awesome (aaand the not so awesome) stuff about our kids, and get some group coaching on.

Trust me. You need, need, NEED to get away sometimes. Get rid of your mommy guilt and admit that you’re a human too and all humans need some time for themselves.

The Importance of Scheduling Time for Yourself
The Importance of Scheduling Time for Yourself
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