To the Woman Who is About to Quit

To the woman who wants to become a mother more than anything and was joyfully pregnant with twins after her 5th IVF treatment and just listened, paralyzed, as her doctor confirmed she’s having another miscarriage. 

BREATHE. Just get through today.

To the woman who feels like she’s SUPPOSED to want to be a mother more than anything, but is choosing to lean into her killer career and manage her life on her own terms and is feeling judged at her best friend’s baby shower.

BREATHE. Own your boss babe self.

To the woman who is pregnant for the first time and is scared shitless about how to get it OUT and also what will happen to her body, relationships, career, friendships and identity, but is smiling when people ask because she’s assuming she’s wrong to feel those things.

BREATHE. There's no right way to become a mama.

To the woman who is being wheeled into the emergency C-section and has no idea if her babe is okay and is asking doctors questions there’s no time to answer and begging God to take the wheel.

BREATHE. You are stronger than you know.

To the woman who just delivered her baby in a baller-ass jacuzzi tub, with a doula and mid-wife at her side and a partner there holding her up as she brings a baby earthside—water first—and then can’t stop crying for the next 40 days and quit breastfeeding 11 months ahead of schedule. 

Breathe. This is one short season.

To the woman whose partner has just left her and the new baby without warning and turns out to NOT be who she was promised and she’s lying awake at 1am, staring at the ceiling, sick with anxiety.

Breathe. You are the perfect mother for your children.

To the woman who is rocking a screaming newborn baby at 3am in a dark nursery for the 60th time in 92 hours and just wants a nap and some help and feels like her light is dimming and she’s wondering if she’ll ever have any part of her old life back. 

Breathe. It gets easier.

To the woman working from 7am - 6pm, hustling to make ends meet with a toddler who won’t go the F to sleep and she’s bracing herself for WW3 because she’s about to start bedtime, but it feels like Groundhog Day. 

Breathe. Millions of mamas have been where you are.

To the woman who just started her own business, fueled by a shit-ton of heart, hustle, a dream and caffeine, and is putting herself out there every day even though she knows her family thinks she’s crazy and she just looked at her bank account and has no idea how they’re going to pay for her kid’s amazing school next month.

Breathe. Everything is figure-out-able.

To the woman who is looking around at her life and wondering how she got from THERE to HERE and where she lost her people and herself and her spunk along the way. 

Keep breathing. You can always come home to yourself.

Hear these words: You, beautiful human, are a QUEEN. And it’s not over till YOU SAY it’s over. 

There is NO. ONE. WAY. to do this human thing, and no season, no matter how brutal, lasts forever. Don't quit now; the best is yet to come.

You can do hard things, and I see you. 

Close your eyes, put your hands on your heart, and remind yourself, “I love you. You got this. Just breathe.”

It’s not the end. It’s the beginning. I promise.

One breath at a time, love,


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