Why I'm Celebrating Myself

Last night I had a mini celebration. For myself. Relaxing with my hubs on the couch recapping our days, it hit me that the past year of my life as a wife, woman, mother and mompreneur deserves some serious pats on the back. Is it because I’m making six figures? No. Is it because I went on a tropical vacation and boasted of my location independence? Nope. It’s not that I haven’t lost my temper with my kid, and it’s definitely not because I haven’t cried any tears. I have. Plenty. My tears free me from the confines of my crazy-ass thoughts and so Imma keep on letting them FLOW (and you should, too, btw).I celebrated EASE. Growth. Happiness. Acceptance.

I’m nearly FREE from limiting beliefs, negative thoughts, unhealthy relationships, mental illness, guilt, anxiety, shoulds and many fears that, a year ago, had plagued me my whole life and I hadn't even realized it—fear of missing out, fear of not measuring up, fear of letting people down, fear of what others think, fear of repeating my parents’ mistakes, fear of money, and on and on and on.

I let ALL that shit GO.

I celebrated a new relationship to money, and a true understanding of my inherent worth and the value I have to share with the world. Clue: It’s not complicated.

Girl with Firecracker
Girl with Firecracker

I celebrated full freaking alignment with my current identity without being attached to it. When I evolve with the seasons with my life and I'm always exactly where I'm supposed to be, life always feels like a vacation.

I celebrated the full embodiment of a new way of living, loving and learning. It is so easy for me to teach other mothers about this way because I am SO COMMITTED to walking my talk, even when it’s not shiny and happy. Even when it’s dark and human. I am living authentically and transparently, and it feels rather nice.

I celebrated stepping into the roles of truth-teller and healer, which I’ve actually been playing for years without acknowledgment. What was that word again? Oh yeah, ALIGNMENT.

I celebrated a second pregnancy that has been incredibly healthy—in body, mind and soul. Blissfully devoid of prenatal depression, which cast a dark shadow over my first. And on that note, I celebrated nearly a year off antidepressants—with the help of a new way of thinking, my life coach and acupuncture. I feel mentally stronger than I ever have in my life, and that is the result of a LOT of intentional work on MYSELF. Depression is real. It's not something to be ashamed of, AND it doesn't define me.

I celebrated new friendships that are precious to me. Mentors in my life who have massively pushed it in the direction I wanted it to go and the proof that investing in MYSELF was my WISEST choice in becoming the wife, woman, mother and mompreneur I knew I could be.

Women don’t celebrate themselves enough. We’re taught it’s conceited, and so then we seek that external validation from our partners, friends and parents.

I celebrated myself and then my hubs celebrated with me. Doing this “work” on myself for the past year has helped me co-create such a rock solid partnership with my husband that it seems crazy I ever thought I shouldn’t or couldn’t.

And now we're more aware every day that our lives are AWESOME. Because of who we are and what we've created, not because of a status or photoshop finish. Our shiny, happy and human REAL LIFE truly feels awesome, because we stop to celebrate it. It's like waking up in your second trimester without morning sickness one day and not getting down on your knees and saying "thank you thank you thank you! I will never take feeling awesome for granted again!" That's what we do with our lives. And so instead of always waiting to "arrive" somewhere or "achieve" something, every day is celebration-worthy. A gift. This one incredible life.

Maybe you’re wondering how? How do we create this? It's a total commitment to healing, growing, stepping into the bad-ass woman you were born to be and making the most of YOUR one incredible life and the gifts you were given. But obviously it takes a wee bit more than commitment, yes? There are mindset hacks, strategies, ways of reframing language, thoughts and beliefs so that you create a world that supports you, cheers you on, believes in you and your little light.

Oh, and having a coach helps. A lot. Having epic coaches and mentors to call you out on your bullshit and help you spot the logic-bound lies that are keeping you overwhelmed, anxious, dissatisfied and imbalanced is key. I would know. I've hired a ton.

I’d love to teach you everything I’ve learned since becoming a mama. Tangible strategies to make your life EASIER and give you more to celebrate. I’m still scheduling a few more 25-minute complimentary Truth Chats with women like you are ready for ease, growth, happiness and ALIGNMENT. If that’s you, I’d love to meet you. Schedule your Truth Chatand let’s jam about how you’re accidentally making your career, marriage and #momlife harder than it has to be and the exact steps I used that you can implement to say goodbye to “Fear of . . ." for GOOD.

What are you celebrating today, Beautifully Messy Mommy? Let's celebrate YOU.

And if you're craving more sisterhood and celebration in your life, head on over to our private Mommy Soul Tribe Facebook groupwhere we celebrate ourselves WEEKLY and lift each other up on the daily.

PS: Don't forget to grab your free Truth Chat here asap. I'm rolling into my third trimester here (with compression tights and errrthang), so these will NOT be available forever!

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