Why You Should Join a Mom Group

When you’re a new mom, it’s easy to feel a lot of things. You’ll feel alone, you’ll feel scared, you’ll feel like nobody understands how you’re feeling. But that’s not true, mama. Moms do. Other moms have been where you’ve been and they have felt what you’ve felt. This is one reason why your friendships with non-moms will sometimes change. (You can still keep them--they’ll just be different.)

But your new friendships with new moms will be sacred. Special. And that’s why there’s something about a mom group that just makes sense. We all need to vent together about our asshole children. We need to drink together when we just can’t do anything else. We need to cry together when we feel like we’ve lost our way.

That’s why I created the Mommy Soul Tribe. For moms to do all of these things...together. Here are a few reasons why groups like this are ridiculously beneficial to moms at any stage of their mommy-hood.

Why You Should Join a Mom Group
Why You Should Join a Mom Group

1. Support

No one will support you like a fellow mom who just wants you to know that you’re doing it right. One reason that we moms can get so crazy and stressed is because we feel like no one understands us. We’re surrounded by children and husbands who just don’t get being a mom.

That’s what your mom group is for. Grab a glass of wine, get on Facebook, post about your troubles, and let us love on you.

2. Friendship

One thing that I love most about my little mommy Facebook group is the fact that you can get on and chat with your friends without having to put on outside-the-home appropriate clothes to meet up with anyone. We’re all right here, inside that awesome rectangle that is your phone. You can create genuine friendships with so many moms in the group. There are moms in the same walk of life as you and moms that you can teach and moms that you can learn from.

3. Advice

Is your baby suddenly not sleeping as well as she used to? Does your toddler have a problem with picking his nose and you have no idea how to get him to stop? A mom group allows you to get advice from a diverse groups of moms: from those who are going through the same thing you are right now to those who already have and have some seriously great tips to get you through it.

4. Self-Care Help

You need some time for yourself. Fellow moms understand that and won’t give you a hard time for focusing on self-care. They’ll just tell you how jealous they are and give you even more awesome tips for what to do on your next me-day.

5. Venting

If you’re having a rough day with your toddler or your significant other, a mom group is really the place to hash it out and let out your emotions. We’re all women and we all understand that we’re humans with feelings. We’ll always support you when you need to talk about yours.

We would love you have you join our Mommy Soul Tribe, soul sister. Click here and introduce yourself to us!

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