CEO Society Mastermind

Ready to step up your biz dreams without sacrificing your mom life? We got you. 
You CAN have it ALL.

There is something most working mothers overlook when we’re crafting beautiful business plans: our bandwidth  as busy moms and the unofficial CEOs of our household, along with our personal desires as women with identities outside of “mom.”

If you’re anything like I was when I started coaching four years ago, you probably believe professional success relies mostly on good ideas and #allthestrategy. 

This blueprint + these actions = DESIRED RESULT! Simple!

If you’re reading this, I’m sure you’ve figured out by now that when you add real life parenting to any business blueprint, the blueprint goes out the window. There are logistical, emotional, hormonal and unpredictable challenges that go along with being a working mom that the “strategy” does not take into account.

Some Examples:

• Mom guilt

• The war zone that is your living space

• Feeling like you don’t get enough quality time with your kids

• Kids’ sick days, random snow days, family vacations & partners traveling

• Your period. Yeah, we’re going there. You don’t feel the same way every day. And you never will again.

• Children not sleeping.

• Trying to make mom friends by attending playdates, but also trying to get to girls’ nights with your old friends, all the while trying to make time for work socials and, oh yeah, date night . . .

The Primary Goal Of This Mastermind


My ALIGNMENT as CEO of my household, CEO of my career and CEO of my thoughts is now the FOUNDATION for my current happiness and success. It dictates all that I do and don’t do. It’s my intuitive compass that guides me towards hell yesses and away from “shoulds, have tos” and the comparison trap. It’s why I feel abundant AF almost every damn day and like a magnet for exactly the type of opportunities, relationships and clients I used to dream of.

And it’s super-charged by my involvement in multiple networks of like-minded, smart, ambitious, career mamas who have my back and GET IT.


This is high-level life & leadership coaching for mamas juggling entrepreneurship with mom life. Through high-level private and group coaching + a community of women with the same logistical considerations (read: CHILDREN), you will learn how to lean into an incredible career you’re passionate about, while being there—really there—for your kids, your partner, and YOU. (Yes, we’re going to have to figure out how to fit YOU in if your life and career success is going to be SUSTAINABLE.) You’ll step into your version of the dream, and we’ll really help you figure out what that is, what’s currently missing from it and where you are trying and failing at someone else’s.

We will deep dive into HOW you can juggle your roles of CEO of your family and CEO of empire in a way that feels EASY, POWERFUL and SUSTAINABLE, and still find time for YOU.


I could sum this up for you, but Forbes really said it best HERE.


• A built-in super society of Charleston mamas to support, empower and brainstorm with you

• An expert facilitator to powerfully coach you to the other side of the sneaky mindset traps that prevent women from having it ALL in life and business while also seeing you for your highest potential

• A monthly in-person, 2-hour group masterminding session where each participant will get a “hot seat” to hash out business, life, relationships, mindset or whatever the current block is to your balance.

• One 50-minute private coaching session with Gervase (available via phone or video call) each month

• One 90-minute Zoom video conference call each month as a group

• The Society will communicate in between meetings via Voxer (a free iOS/Android app that allows us to send voice texts – much faster to communicate and great for quick Q&As or SOSes)

• First dibs at monthly Champagne Society tickets before they sell out – to add an extra monthly meeting for celebration

• Eligibility to attend our exclusive luxury retreat for mamas in September (limited space)


Ready To Join?

3 monthly payments of $500 or 1 payment of $1350

ENROLL by March 1st for early-bird discount of $250!

Total until March 1st: $1,250

The Spring session of this 3-month mastermind will run April – June. There are 10 spots available.

Already applied and ready for the next step? Enroll HERE.

Important Dates

This Spring session of the CEO Society Mastermind will run in the months of April through June 2018.

  • In-Person Group Meetings will be the first Tuesday of each month from 11am-1pm
  • Private Coaching Sessions will be spread out throughout the second weeks of each month
  • Virtual video group coaching calls will be the third Tuesday of each month from 8-9pm

*Private Coaching sessions will be scheduled separately using private calendar link with varying time slots available




Working moms. You can be a mamapreneur, a WAHM, a corporate mama, a lawyer, an MLM mogul, someone with a side hustle and a glint in her eye, or anything in between!  The main qualification is that you are CEOing the shiznit out of a career that you are ready to take to the next level with a power posse and coach to compassionately push you out of your own way.

You likely check one of the following 3 boxes:

• Your mom life is a dream, but you’re not getting your desired results in business. 

• You are crushing your career, but you feel like you are dangerously close to dropping the precious crystal balls that represent your personal life.

• Both your real life and your professional life feel like a perilous game of whackamole day-to-day, and neither is thriving, but you are so. close.


We are meeting at the gorgeous office of Smith Spencer Real Estate, located on the second floor of the buildings in the Cigar Factory. Spacious and intimate, we’ll have total privacy for our hot seat coaching sessions while we nosh on lunch and complimentary coffee and bask in the amazing natural light. This vibe? *Swoon.

How Will I Change?

• You will take big business leaps getting you closer to your longterm goals

• You will set, work towards and celebrate big life and business goals with your new tribe

• You will learn to trust yourself to make big decisions in life and business

• You will begin to be able to discern the difference between the things you should say YES to and the things you should say NO to

• Your relationship with your partner will experience some fresh air (as now you will be leaning on your Charleston mastermind and me instead)

• Your relationships locally will blossom. Your new Society will support you online and off, in life and business, and you will feel the shifts of that support. You are no longer a one-woman show.

• Mindset – you will be able to notice, stop and rework negative thought patterns more quickly and easily

• ALIGNMENT in life and business


My super power is unravelling the logic-bound lies we as mothers tell ourselves that stop us from having it ALL in life and business.

I will not let you stay stuck or go halfway in getting to where you want to go.

I work FAST and laser focused to get you where I can see you need to go to move forward.

I see where you have an opportunity to SET YOURSELF FREE and will compassionately guide you to that place, knowing full well the end result is personal and professional expansion.

I’ve invested thousands of dollars in myself since the age of 18, starting with endless therapy to kickstart my personal growth and commitment to reworking all my childhood beliefs. It segued into a six-month intensive coaching certification, followed by multiple business coaches (5, I believe); an online biz program; a paid mastermind; three life + biz retreats; one year of high-level life coaching with my personal mentor; another (current) life + biz mastermind; and more.

I believe YOU are your greatest ally, and I am fiercely dedicated to helping you find your own voice and intuition so whether you’re navigating business, mom life or just life in general, YOU GOT YOU after our work together is done.


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