Private Coaching packages are for high-level achievers who understand IT’S TIME to make mama a priority.

Behind every successful woman is soul tribe who has her back AND a personal coach holding her accountable to being her brightest and most bad-ass self and supporting her as she navigates the under-discussed crazy transitions of balancing motherhood AND big, scary, bad-ass dreams. We go deep into mindset, limiting beliefs, fear of failure, your big love relationship and the like, while taking inventory of your stock of fun, self-care, identity, self-talk, self-awareness, thought patterns and needs. We also tease out the mom life logistics that are taking up valuable space in your mom brain and likely making your life way harder than it needs to be, ensuring that your energy and time is being maximized to allow you to GET WHAT YOU WANT.

I combine a practical, “real AF” coaching style with the gentle reassurance, validation and cheerleading you’ve been looking for in all the wrong places.

My VIP coaching package is the most intensive and accelerated way of working with me, and it is only for women who are ready to be cracked open in the best way possible.


  • An in-depth questionnaire before we begin where you’ll put into writing your biggest, boldest life and career goals, assess yourself in many areas before coaching (to compare with post-coaching), identify your stuck thought and action patterns and uncover core beliefs to blame for any self-sabotage, procrastination, anxiety or overwhelm.

  • Two 50-minute coaching calls per month. Video calls are available, upon request.

  • Extensive notes after each session with an action plan for the next two weeks and evidence of your huge breakthroughs, showing you exactly how mindset shifts were made so you can quickly become more self-aware and empowered in reprogramming unhealthy thought patterns.

  • 24/7 access to me in between sessions via Voxer, a free iOS/Android app that allows us to send voice texts – much faster to communicate and great for SOSes on-the-go

  • Welcome gift from G with pretty things and swag inside!


To inquire about my VIP Private Coaching Program, the first step is to schedule a Power-Hour Coaching Call.

During this one-hour call, you will experience, first-hand, how you can be set free from the stories you’ve been telling yourself since you added “mom” to your resume.

At the end of this initial call, we’ll decide if we are a coach/client match. If we are, your initial investment of $300 will be applied towards your private coaching program investment.



Payment plans are available.

Limited to 4 clients each quarter.

You deserve to have it ALL.

The fulfilling mom life, relationships and creative career you are juggling, plus the presence, peace of mind and FUN that can be wrapped up in the above package.

I know it’s hard.

I know you’re tired.

I’ve been there.

We got this.

Let’s free up some mental space. And get you a latte. Stat.


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