Hey Mama,

Time to make you a priority.

We’ll help.



You believe in supporting other women.

You believe you shouldn’t do life or motherhood alone.

You believe in “motherhood, AND” instead of “motherhood, OR.”

You believe in making time for yourself.

You believe the best way to become a better mom is to work on yourself.

You believe raising tiny humans can be hard, and being HUMAN doesn’t have to be.

In The Champagne Society, you are a human who also moms, and not just a mom who kinda humans.



Champagne Society at Trunk Club

We heard you loud and clear! We heard you in New York, New Jersey, Nashville, Alabama, California, Canada, Australia and more! You said “Why does Charleston, SC get all the goods?? We want IN!”

Well ladies, you’re in. AND I can’t wait to welcome you into our brand-new exclusive FREEEEEE Facebook community for every woman who has ever attended (in-person or virtually) a Champagne Society event! Wheee!

Purchasing a virtual viewing access pass to The Champagne Society: Charleston will give you the opportunity to be a fly on the wall and listen to a raw and honest conversation between Mindset Coach for Mamas, Gervase Kolmos, and a diverse panel of mothers (different each month) about the delicate balancing act of motherhood and #allthethings. You’ll also hear from the Society, herself (she’s female or female identifying), as women chime in and ask burning questions. Questions like, “What if your partner doesn’t understand?” “When do you find the time?” “How much time do you spend on Instagram?” “How do you know it’s time to jump ship on a business idea, career or relationship?” And soooo much more.

We get into it ALL in The Champagne Society (the champagne helps), and it’s a sacred and safe space for truth-telling and support among mothers to solve problems, remember they’re not the only ones and lift each other up in a make-shift village.

One to two weeks post-event, a secret viewing link will be emailed to you so you can cozy up with your cocktail or mocktail and watch a professionally produced recording of that month’s Honest Conversation, from anywhere in the world.

Annual Viewing Passes only available through January 1st and include bonus invite to exclusive free Facebook group for community, coaching and networking. So be quick-like!


Looking for the perfect gift for a new mom in your life? All women are welcome in The Champagne Society. (Yes, even you not-yet (or ever!) mamas!) We have equal number of members in their 20s, 30s and 40s with some fun-lovin’ (and wise!) veteran mamas sprinkled in. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind gift disguised as a night out, and packaged in sisterhood and mama wisdom, this is a beautiful place to start for a mama you know needs a night off.


Includes 10 professionally produced recordings of actual live Champagne Society events. The next best thing to being in the room is listening to the Honest Conversation interview between Gervase and the various real mama panelists each month, combined with the real-time questions from the crowd. Normally $200 for the year; Holiday sale $180. To gift this package to a mama in your life, reach out to hello@shinyhappyhuman.com for a gift card.

Includes 1 ticket to a live Champagne Society event in Charleston, South Carolina (our headquarters). Ticket includes a unique beautiful experience in a local venue (either a Saturday morning yoga class or a girls’ night out in a retail space). All tickets include unlimited bubbly, an Honest Conversation between Mindset Coach for Mothers, Gervase Kolmos and 2 different real mama panelists. *Ticket expires 4 months from date of purchase.



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Hi. I'm Gervase, and my tribe calls me "G."


Welcome to your slice of heaven. I created this place for you, but also for me. Because raising tiny humans is hard sometimes and I am the kind of girl who believes that the glam doesn't have to go just because the babes came to stay. If you are here, maybe you feel the same.

Becoming a mother was my invitation to step UP my purpose and impact in the world, while also having no roadmap but my intuition (and that was sloppy for a while) and no solid community that could walk the transformation with me while also handing me a glass of bubbly and some truth-telling words of inspo.

The Champagne Society is a beautiful place for you to fill up YOU.

To give yourself permission to pause, breathe, soak up inspiration and truth bombs and recharge those mama batts with a circle of women who make you BETTER. No piles of laundry, clinging children or piles of work will be found inside this magical place. (Note: one of those things has their rightful and precious place in our lives, but NOT FOR THIS ONE NIGHT, mama).

I believe as ambitious women juggling so many things, carving out time for YOU is essential. Whether to just take a fun and connecting break or work through any hard human stuff you might be experiencing in this phase of your life, make the space and time for YOU. You bring that self home to your family, your work and any challenges you may be facing.

If you are playing small or dimming your SHINY light in the name of motherhood, that stops here.

We drop the pretenses at the door. Inside, I invite you to just be your whole fabulous and paradoxical self. A tiny bit better than you were yesterday.

Remember who you are. Leave better. Take that version of you home to your families. We deserve to have it all. We gotta believe that at our core.

Love Love,


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